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The powerful light metal expert For gravity, sand and high pressure die casting

Miguss in Heiligenhaus – Welcome to our Homepage

Great that you found us! We are miguss, a registered trademark of Peter Mies GmbH. We are your capable and reliable production partner for Magnesium and Aluminum Casting. Regardless of whether it is a fuel filter for truck-engines, Gearbox-Housings for highly stressed Crane Gearboxes, Filter sets and many more – Our internal Casting Department, Grinding Shop and our own Mold making construct your very own perfectly fitting product in small or big series.

We take care on the planning, concept design and production of light metal products for automotive, mechanical engineering, electronics industry, medicine and many more branches, as Europe-wide specialist on the area of professional light metal manufacturing.

The production of prototypes according to your needs is no problem for our machines and experienced staff. An internal department takes care for the CNC machining of raw casting parts with modern CNC-machines – with that we are capable to deliver completely finished products, from engineering to the complete finished assembled group. Contact us now!

Our services in an overview

miguss is your successful manufacturer and Europe-wide specialist for high precision parts produced in casting. Our qualified engineers offer custom-made solutions for many branches and advise from planning to engineering until production of your special product.

Development Tested in Motorsport

Development and processing of products, as well as implementation of effective tests

Engineering Advice right from the start

With the help of the most modern simulation software, we can implement customer requests quickly and cost-effectively

Casting technology Chills & die casting

Production of small to large series with computer-controlled robots

Machining Modern CNC machines

Mechanical processing with state-of-the-art CNC machines

Mold making is our business

Manufacture of precise molds for the preparation of complex castings

Quality is our trademark

Quality management ensures a consistently high level of quality at all times


Applied Casting techniques

This is what makes cast aluminum and magnesium so special

With miguss you have a reliable and professional partner for aluminum and magnesium casting at your side! All our produced parts are characterized by a perfect quality and produced with full-automatic and modern machines. The individual engineered and designed tools for gravity and high-pressure die-casting are reused. This makes it possible to offer the production of one-piece prototypes up to mass production for every lot size and as well to offer high-complex parts in the highest quality.

Gravity Die Casting

The gravity die-casting characterizes that in production the molten aluminum is casted in a permanent metal mold. Because of its high Thermal Conductivity, the mold has a fast solidification time. Because of the fast solidification time, the part has a fine-grained, pressure tight and a highly robust casting part. The mold, which exists mostly of steel or cast iron, is reused after extraction of the casting part. With that, we are able to offer mass production economically.

Sand Casting

At sand casting, as the name already explains, the molds are from sand. This technique works as the lost-forms principle, which means that the mold get destroyed after one-time usage. The sand molds are inexpensive in manufacturing as steel molds and recommended for low lot sizes or prototypes. Another positive aspect is, that it is possible to produce high complex geometry with undercuts in sand casting – this is not or only with restrictions possible at gravity or high-pressure die-casting. At usage of sand molds, it is easier and more efficient to react on changes during the production.

High-Pressure Die-Casting

At high-pressure die-casting, the liquid aluminum or magnesium alloy is casted with high pressure and speeds into the steel mold where it solidify. The molds are individually engineered and designed for every project. With high-pressure die-casting, it is often possible to reduce the production costs, what has a positive effect on the part price.

Areas of application for our high-quality Aluminum and Magnesium Casting parts

Our areas of application are wide and different as our products. Starting at the engineering of every own optimized casting mold until the final packing of the finished product – at our side you are always advised from qualified staff. Regardless of whether Gravity, High-Pressure Die-Casting or Sand Casting: As reliable partner for high-quality Aluminum and Magnesium castings and modern CNC production, we will find solutions which will fit your branch. To offer you first-class results, we invest in modern technique - that is how we set high standards at the production of Aluminum and Magnesium castings.

Our customers come from the following industrial sectors:

  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Energy Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Construction
  • Medicine
  • Automotive

Service and Contact

At questions to our services and offers we are always available to advise in a competent way. Profit from our long time experience and technical Know-How – Do not hesitate to contact us! Our experienced staff are glad to help you. You can find the contact directly here.

"Regardless of whether production of prototypes, small- or mass production of Aluminum and Magnesium casting - at miguss you will find your competent and friendly contact person!"

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