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Digital engineering by Peter Mies GmbH

Computer-based engineering & consulting for metal casting

At miguss, the production of an aluminum casting begins on the computer. Thanks to our modern simulation software, we are able to work quickly, cost-effectively, with high quality and, above all, exactly according to your specifications.

Our highly experienced engineers are fully committed to advising you right from the very first step of the design process so that your component can be suitably designed for casting. Using the latest computer technology, we are able to lower costs and save time in aluminum casting by significantly reducing errors through precise and early planning.

You are also welcome to obtain our development services independently from regardless of production. We can provide you with the know-how of our long-standing company and are happy to support you in the development of your castings.


Cast parts - reduce defects and uncover vulnerabilities

Before the aluminum is melted to create a new casting, we already have a precise idea of the properties your product will ultimately possess thanks to our advanced computer technology. The entire casting process is simulated on the PC beforehand. From the development of the design to the casting of the aluminum to the final solidification of the casting - everything is computer-tested prior to production. Any potential issues are therefore detected at an early stage, which enables the casting to be reshaped and reconstructed in good time.

According to your requirements, we can therefore assess technical feasibility at an early stage of the project and advise you on the best possible design.

Advantages of digital engineering in light metal casting

With the use of sophisticated computer programs, costs and time can be reduced 
considerably. You receive your customized cast faster and know its exact strengths and weaknesses before production, saving you expensive mold changes.

Do you already have a project or an idea in mind? Then put your trust in us. Enquire today and challenge our engineers! We look forward to exciting new projects and to working with you!

Development Tested in Motorsport

Development and processing of products, as well as implementation of effective tests

Engineering Advice right from the start

With the help of the most modern simulation software, we can implement customer requests quickly and cost-effectively

Casting technology Chills & die casting

Production of small to large series with computer-controlled robots

Machining Modern CNC machines

Mechanical processing with state-of-the-art CNC machines

Mold making is our business

Manufacture of precise molds for the preparation of complex castings

Quality is our trademark

Quality management ensures a consistently high level of quality at all times

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