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Our Company Miguss in Heiligenhaus

Miguss Peter Mies GmbH 360° Tour

Get a look inside with our 360° tour and get an impression of our factory. Get to know our production on the tour!

Our success story in Heiligenhaus


Today’s managing director Peter Mies founded in 1985 the “metal foundry Peter Mies” as a sole wage-business for the production of aluminum casting. At this time, the production was at the Höseler Straße, on 620 sqm for the production of various casting parts at various sizes. The space was soon not enough; the market for high quality aluminum products was increasing massively.



The company was renamed in 1991 and registered as Peter Mies GmbH. A few years later the spaces were too small, the orders for complex and big casting parts increased. In 1996, the company moved to a 1500 sqm building at the Otto-Hahn-Str. 8, in which was enough space for the rising requirements. As an addition, the basis for a CNC machine shop was made. In this building is until today the Casting, Grinding and own tool building department.

In October 2004, Peter Mies GmbH was the first European company that implemented a full automatic casting machine. This innovation enables since then, stable and re-producible Casting quality to the given parameters,


Quality Assurance

In the following years, the department for CNC machining was equipped with bigger and more efficient machines, in order to be able to meet the constantly increasing quality requirements. The step to an own separate department for quality assurance became inevitable. As early as 2008, the quality assurance department on the opposite side of the street put a state-of-the-art 3D measuring system from Wenzel into operation. So she is directly involved in the production with immediate effect and able to intervene in the respective work processes promptly and in a cost-oriented manner.

Expansion of the casting techniques

In 2009, production was expanded to include high-pressure die-casting, and shortly afterwards the sand casting process expanded the repertoire of Peter Mies GmbH. Today, the in-house die-casting machines produce up to 2000t using a wide variety of alloys. Thanks to the consistent expansion of the production facilities and the incorporation of knowledge accumulated over decades, it is now possible to manufacture economically in the high-pressure die casting area from 1,000 pieces.


Miguss today

miguss has been a registered trademark of Peter Mies GmbH since 2010. In the following decade, miguss focused on expanding the services it offered and was constantly expanding. The independent development department, casting production and mechanical processing continue to grow with the increasing demands of customers. With a lot of flexibility in the production range, miguss makes it possible to purchase all services individually or as a complete assembly line.

In 2019, miguss expanded its product portfolio to include magnesium die casting in order to meet the increasing demand from customers for lightweight construction and CO2 reduction.

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