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Mold making for metalworking

Mold making is all about the manufacturing of molds. These are necessary for the production of metal castings and are individually manufactured for you by our mold making specialists. In this process, we shape the molds quickly and reliably using state-of-the-art machinery. We offer a wide range of different processes from milling and eroding to turning. 
A stable and careful design guarantees a long service life for all cast parts. Our advanced inhouse machines guarantee that we remain available for every type of mold.

In-house mold making for precise molds and modification requests

At miguss, we are experts in the field of mold making. Before a complex cast part can be manufactured, precise molds must be built first. This is where we rely on our very own specialized mould making department. By using state-of-the-art machinery, we are able to produce all kinds of molds quickly and to the highest quality standards. Our in-house mold making division provides us with the necessary resources, such as our mold making professionals and our sophisticated machinery, to carefully respond to your individual 
requirements and react quickly and reliably to spontaneous modification requests.

Mold making for various industries

As a Europe-wide specialist in mold making, we have been handling each and every step from planning and design to the production of cast parts since 1985. We specialize in sectors such as the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, the electrical industry, medical technology and many other sectors and pride ourselves on being experts in this field. When it comes to individual mold requests of any kind, nothing stands in our way thanks to our skilled specialists and our constantly modernized machine inventory.

Mold making and mold processing

Our permanent molds are traditionally shaped to a high quality by milling, eroding or turning. Lost molds, on the other hand, are made of molding material, usually sand, which is held together with small amounts of clay and water. It is common for models over which the molding material is placed to be used for mold construction. This molding material must then be solidified using numerous techniques. Our many years of experience in this field and our in-house machines, which are constantly being modernized, guarantee you high-quality and precisely finished molded parts.

Mold construction for high pressure die casting, sand casting or permanent mold casting

From sand casting to high pressure die casting or permanent mold casting - nothing stands in the way of your individual requirements for the production of molds at miguss. We manufacture components for our customers using a wide variety of techniques and machines. For requests that exceed standard requirements, we look forward to collaborating closely with you to find the perfect solution. A customized alternative offer is often worthwhile, as there are many factors other than the quantity that are important, which we will be happy to discuss with you personally.

Development Tested in Motorsport

Development and processing of products, as well as implementation of effective tests

Engineering Advice right from the start

With the help of the most modern simulation software, we can implement customer requests quickly and cost-effectively

Casting technology Chills & die casting

Production of small to large series with computer-controlled robots

Machining Modern CNC machines

Mechanical processing with state-of-the-art CNC machines

Mold making is our business

Manufacture of precise molds for the preparation of complex castings

Quality is our trademark

Quality management ensures a consistently high level of quality at all times

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