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Mold making Services

Mold making is all about making molds. These molds are necessary for the production of cast parts made of metal and are made individually for you by our mold construction specialists. Here, the molds are brought into shape quickly and reliably with modern machines. We offer a wide variety of processes from milling and eroding to turning. A stable and careful construction guarantees a long durability of the cast parts. In-house modern machines are always available to us for every type of shape in this process..

In-house mold construction for precise shapes and change requests

We at miguss are experts in the field of mold construction. Before a complex casting can be made, precise shapes must be made. For this area, we rely on our own expert department for mold construction. With the help of the most modern machines, we are able to produce all kinds of shapes quickly and with high quality. Our own mold making department enables us, with the help of the necessary resources, such as our mold making experts and our modern machines, to be able to carefully respond to your individual wishes and to react quickly and reliably to spontaneous change requests.

Mold making for various industries

As a Europe-wide specialist in mold construction, we have been taking on all the steps from planning through conception to the production of cast parts since 1985. We specialize in industries such as the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, the electrical industry, medical technology and many other industries and can call ourselves experts in this field. Thanks to our specialists and our constantly modernized machine inventory, nothing stands in the way of any kind of individual shape requirements.

Mold making and preparation of molding materials

Our permanent molds are shaped in a high quality classic by milling, eroding or turning. Lost forms, on the other hand, are made of molding material, for the production of which sand is mostly used, which is held together with the help of small amounts of clay and water. It is common for models over which the molding material is placed to be used for mold making. This molding material then has to be solidified with the help of numerous techniques. Our many years of experience in this area and our in-house machines, which are constantly being modernized, provide you with a guarantee for high quality and precisely crafted molded parts.

Mold construction with the help of pressure, sand or gravity mold casting

Whether sand casting, high pressure die casting or gravity die casting - nothing stands in the way of your individual wishes for the production of molds at miguss. We produce components for you using a wide variety of techniques and machines. For requests that go beyond the standard, we look forward to working with you to find the perfect solution. A special, individual alternative offer is often worthwhile, as it depends on many factors outside of the number of items, which we would be happy to discuss with you personally.

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