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Aluminum die casting
Our casting technologies

Die casting with aluminum and magnesium

Die casting is a manufacturing process in which melted metal is poured or pressed into steel molds. The molds (also called dies) are individually designed and built for each project. As with gravity die casting, the molds are therefore reusable - unlike sand casting, which works with lost molds. miguss specializes in the die casting process for alloys made of aluminum or magnesium.

Sophisticated castings can be produced by means of die casting.

Sophisticated castings can be produced by means of die casting.

Sophisticated castings can be produced by means of die casting.

Sophisticated castings can be produced by means of die casting.

Sophisticated castings can be produced by means of die casting.

High pressure for the best possible result: Aluminum die casting at miguss

This is where power is required: During high-pressure die casting, the liquid aluminum or 
magnesium is pressed or shot into the die at a pressure of 150 to 1200 bar. By way of 
comparison, a car tire is inflated at 2 bar.

High-pressure die casting with aluminum or magnesium is a precise and fully automated 
casting process that is particularly suitable for series and mass production. The reason for this is a significant cost saving compared to other manufacturing processes: With high pressure die casting, complex molds including external threads and detailed interior molds can be cast without having to resort to extensive further processing steps.

The metal casting molds can be reused after they are cast, and the cast part is removed. 
Thus, depending on the casting alloy, several tens of thousands of castings can be produced without any loss of quality. On the contrary, components produced by high pressure die casting are characterized by high consistency and dimensional accuracy.

Thanks to the use of iron-free aluminum and magnesium alloys, components made by die casting are suitable for almost all areas of application. In addition, the fact that the high pressure die casting process can also be used to produce complicated geometries and extremely thin components makes this process particularly interesting.

Advantages of the aluminum die casting process

  • low costs at high series production
  • very precise reproducibility
  • manufacturing of complex components
  • manufacturing of thin components
  • very few steps from raw material to finished component

What can we do for you in the field of aluminum die casting?

Every die casting project starts with you and your requirements. Together, we will discuss 
your project and determine the procedure step by step. What matters is your satisfaction 
with each and every component. As a manufacturer and supplier of die cast parts made of magnesium and aluminum, miguss is your first choice! We look forward to working with you.

Permanent mold casting Precision with every component

High cost-effectiveness and easy-to-reproduce quality for every casting.

Die casting Produce castings cheaply and on a large scale

Best suited for large series at reasonable prices: Die casting with aluminum and magnesium.

Sand casting Castings with complex geometries

The inexpensive and detailed casting process for small to medium series.

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