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Casting Technoloy Gravity Die Casting, High Pressure die casting, sand casting


Precise aluminum cast parts thanks to state-of-the-art casting systems

With our fully automatic casting systems, we are able to produce small, medium and large series in permanent mold casting and sand casting. All of our casting processes are carried out with the highest possible precision, as the aluminum cast parts are produced using a computer-controlled robot. In this process, the robot takes over all the essential steps of the casting process - casting, dosing and removal. This enables the production of highly complex cast parts in the highest reproducible quality.

In addition, the aluminum gravity die-casting and sand casting processes offer decisive advantages over other casting processes, such as the possibility of installing an undercut or producing thick-walled components. Furthermore, complex geometries can be used with which dimensionally accurate cast parts can be produced for your individual needs. Another decisive advantage is the control of material accumulations, which can minimize casting errors and quality defects in the cast parts. Regardless of whether you request a standard cast or require an individual production for your components - our experts will work with you to determine the right solution for your cast parts.

Highest quality from a specialist for casting process

At miguss Peter Mies GmbH we work with the highest precision and care in order to be able to guarantee a high quality in our casting processes. Thanks to our many years of experience in the aluminum casting process, we have been able to continuously expand our knowledge and have made targeted investments in our quality. In this context, we are proud to have had various certifications since 2001, which reflect our quality standard and our high demands. We use state-of-the-art machines for production in the areas of gravity die-casting, high pressure die-casting and sand casting, which guarantee the quality of our high-quality aluminum products.

We are also investing in digitization in all other departments, so that the quality assurance of our gravity die-cast, high pressure die-cast aluminum and sand-cast products is integrated into one system. Among other things, this enables us to recognize deviations in parameters at an early stage and to bring them back into the target window. During production, we also work exclusively with resistance-heated ovens, which means that there are no undesirable residues in the material. In addition, our ovens guarantee constant temperatures of +/- 5 degrees Celsius, which enables constant and reproducible quality. With these quality standards, we realize complex cast parts for various industries such as automotive, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, medicine and more!

High Pressure Die-cast aluminum and magnesium

In addition to our gravity die-casting and sand casting processes, we have specialized in the production of aluminum and magnesium high pressure die casting. This die-casting process is particularly characterized by its good chemical and mechanical properties as well as its high strength values ​​and good conductivity.

On top of that, this process offers the possibility of producing thin-walled components with a high level of corrosion protection, whereby the die-cast components have high strength and stability at a low weight. In addition, in our production we only use automatic die-casting machines from 160t to 2000t with combined holding and dosing furnaces, with which we can guarantee a constant temperature for the alloy. In this way, we enable an economical and reproducible production of sophisticated components and complex geometries in this die-casting process. For your next project, with miguss we offer you a reliable supplier for various aluminum and magnesium alloys in the die casting process.

Gravity die casting, sand casting or high pressure die casting

Regardless of whether it is gravity die casting, sand casting or high pressure die casting - we can manufacture the components you want using the various casting processes. Our material portfolio includes all standard cast alloys and we will work together to find exactly the right solution for your individual requirements that go beyond the standard components. An individual alternative offer is often worthwhile, because die casting, sand casting or permanent mold casting does not always only depend on the number of pieces - many other factors play an important role.

Permanent mold casting Precision with every component

High cost-effectiveness and easy-to-reproduce quality for every casting.

Die casting Produce castings cheaply and on a large scale

Best suited for large series at reasonable prices: Die casting with aluminum and magnesium.

Sand casting Castings with complex geometries

The inexpensive and detailed casting process for small to medium series.

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